Video Watter’s World Witch From Group Attempting to Hex Kavanaugh Presented by Tucker Carlson

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I urge you all to read Lady Abyss’ postp about it this first this topic fort before watching The video. Here is the link for it: I

Letter to the Tucker Carlson Show on Fox News

I Know It Is Late Notice, But…..

For those of us that missed the original airing of this show is on The link when posted does not work, which I found interesting. So to find the two videos about these witches that are planning a hexing on Kavanaugh type in “Tucker Carlson Fox news witch hexing.” This will take you to the videos.

In my opinion these are the type of witches that can send witchcraft and the portrayal of witches back decades. Again I urge you all to read Lady Abyss’ posts about it.

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Ásatrú, the old Norse Paganism is the fastest growing and largest non-Christian religion in Iceland

The religious practices and convictions of Icelanders have been undergoing rapid changes in the past years. The most recent data from Registers Iceland shows that Icelanders continue to turn their backs on the National Church of Iceland. At the turn of the century 89% of Icelanders were members of the National Church. This figure has dropped down to 65.6%.

Read more: Icelanders abandon National State Church, as old pagan Ásatrú continues to grow

At the same time the old Nose paganism Ásatrú is doing well. According to the latest figures from Registers Iceland 4,375 people belonged to the two separate pagan congregations, the small Reykjavíkurgoðorð (26 people) and the much larger Ásatrúarfélagið (4,349). Currently 1.2% of the population belongs to the pagan congregations. This makes the old pagan religion of the Vikings not only the fastest growing religion in Iceland, but also the largest non-Christian religion.

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