A Samhain Hazelnut Charm for Luck and Protection in the New Year

Samhain is considered by some to the witch’s new year. As the final harvest sabbat, it is the conclusion of the previous Wheel of the Year and the Great Work of magick that we’ve been manifesting.  Samhain marks the height of Autumn, and full embrace of the deep, dark journey of spirit beyond death. It is an appropriate time to work for some good luck and protection with the aid of Mercury, known also as Hermes. He is the psychopomp who guides spirits into the underworld, the God of travel and protection upon the road, of wisdom, communication, magick, and mediumship.

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Descent And Ascent: Persephone Claiming Her Throne At Samhain

For those of us who honor the Greek gods and syncretically link the pagan wheel of the year with our traditions, Persephone’s descent into her underworld is rightfully crowned by her ascending to her throne at Samhain.

During this time of year, we honor the dead and our ancestors, especially taking the time to consider those who have passed away recently. Libations and offerings are made, to Persephone, Hades, Demeter, our ancestors of both blood and spirit, and the dead in general. For some of us, particularly those who have connections to underworld deities and/or communicate with the dead, this is an intense time of year. Sleep can be disrupted, more psychic dreams may be had, and overall our awareness is heightened. Self careduring this time is highly recommended.

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Hekate’s Name: Origins, Meanings, Pronunciations & More

If there is one type of question about Hekate I get asked more than others it’s about her name. Like every aspect of my favorite goddess, her name has a fascinating and intricate history. From her origins to how we say her name today, there’s loads of intrigue, but few certain answers, to be found.

“We must rather seek for the origin of the name in the customs of Hecate-worship, as there, if anywhere, we may expect to find traces of the most ancient conception of the goddess.” John B. Bury in The Classical Review, Vol. 3, No. 9 (Nov., 1889)

Hekate’s Origins

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The Witch’s Guide To Samhain

What Is It?

Samhain is all sorts of things depending on what resonates most with you. For many it’s a celebration of the third and final harvest of the year. It’s also a time when many Witches seek reunion with the dead. Most Witches believe that at Samhain “the veil between the living and the dead” is at its thinest. Judging by page-views here at Patheos Pagan, Samhain is the most popular of all the sabbats (which means traffic here is usually up considerably in October).

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Wishing All My Dear Brothers & Sisters of the Craft A Very Beautiful & Blessed Monday Morn’!

Witches Of The Craft®

Good Morning Sunshine

What is Love?

Perhaps a commitment of kindred souls –
There are so many different levels yet all are as one in quality –
A commitment to share –
Acceptance of each other
Understanding and Consideration
Trust and Honesty
Common Respect for each other

A pledge to be there for each other whenever possible
to share joy and laughter, strength and weakness,
and when necessary – grief and tears…
To allow each to grow to their own potential
Love nurtures a bond between souls
A bond stronger than petty emotions – jealously, envy, condemnation and fear
The truth of Love is not as a bond representing a chain of bondage,
but as a release of one’s soul-
a true acceptance of one’s spirit, one’s being
a healing acceptance
That is unconditional Love

Love can only be given freely and openly
Never coerced, bought, traded or forced

Love is feared only…

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