May the Goddess Bless You & Yours With A Very Beautiful & Relaxing Saturday Morning! As for me, it is work as usual…..

Witches Of The Craft®

Good morning, my dear brothers & sisters of the Craft! I hope everyone is having a great Saturday so far. It is a working day for me as usual. I gave everyone else the day off and I am going to revamp our store. I haven’t never been totally satisfied with the way it looks and I know I can do better. I am going to tear her down and build her back up today, I hope!

I did want to call your attention to one thing though. Around here in the evenings, we watch FOX News. I know some of you have called FOX News purely entertainment news. But we each have our own opinions and you know what people say about opinions. After a very long day I was getting ready to go to bed. One of the boys were catching up on the News and ran across…

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Letter to the Tucker Carlson Show on Fox News

Witches Of The Craft®

Mr. Carlson,
My husband and I are fans of your show and we watch it almost every night. I was getting ready to go to bed Friday night, when my husband called my attention to some of your talking points for your show that evening. One of the topics especially caught my attention and I stayed up to listen. This topic was in regards to the Witches of Brooklyn holding a “hexing” ritual for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

You see the topic interested me because I am a witch myself. I am also the founder of an online organization known as Witches of the Craft. We have a following of over 34 million people. Our organization makes up all Religions and Traditions. We have members that are Witches, Wiccans, Baptists, Christians and Catholics. We welcome anyone who is a witch or even just interested in learning about our ways…

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Egyptian Afterlife – The Field of Reeds

If  the soul passed through the Weighing of the Heart it moved on to a path which led to Lily Lake (also known as the Lake of Flowers). There are, again, a number of versions of what could happen on this path where, in some, one finds dangers to be avoided and gods to help and guide while, in others, it is an easy walk down the kind of path one would have known back home. At the shore of Lily Lake the soul would meet the Divine Ferryman, Hraf-hef (He-Who-Looks-Behind-Him) who was perpetually unpleasant. The soul would have to find some way to be courteous to Hraf-hef, no matter what unkind or cruel remarks he made, and show one’s self worthy of continuing the journey.

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