Rain and Native American Flute Music for Dreaming, Sleep, Relaxing

I realized before I decided to write this post that I will probably get some nasty comments because of my views and wording but that is fine with me as everyone has the right to voice their opinion. All I ask is you do it in a respectful manner without using foul language. Thank you.

On a day in the USA where most people are thrilled to have a day off of work to celebrate Christopher Colombus “discovering” America I feel it is important to remind everyone that he was not the first to discover this land. The first people to set foot on this land BCE are the real discovers of the USA, Central, and South America. Today we refer to these people in the USA as NAtive Americans to be “politically correct.” I know first hand that most would rather be referred to as American Indians. I feel they should be honored not just today but every day. While many of us have only Europen or African ancestors many more of us have Native American ancestors who were, and I use this term lightly, very mistreated by the European settlers that came first to our East coast and then spread across the land killing and forcing the first settlers of our nation on to land that would not sustain them, took away their native languages and called them savages because they didn’t have the same traditions and mannerisms as the invaders did. Time and time again broke treaties forcing them on to reservations in places the European settlers did not want to live in. while some tribes and nations have allowed gambling on their land most American Indians because of the prejudices that are still prevalent today have a hard time finding jobs that pay enough to support their families. Thankfully many of the tribes and nations have once again started teaching their children their true traditions of magic, natural medicines, native language, and that they can proudly be called by their American Indian name rather than adopting a European or Hispanic name to help them be treated as equals in this country.

Yes, I am part American Indiana on my mother’s father’s side of my family tree I hail from the Choctaw Nation in Louisiana. My American Indian name is Moonbeam. I was blessed with this name by an Elder of our Nation because when I was born a moonbeam came through the hospital window and lit up my face. I will be starting classes soon to learn how to speak the Choctaw language as I have been asked to by my ancestor who has always walked with me as a Spirit Huige and protector.

The link below is a very long but beautiful piece of music. I hope you enjoy listening to it and remember these sounds were heard in the USA way before any “white man” settled here.

Native American Meditation