How to be ‘witchy’ enough

During this week, I had a moment when I was drenched in gratitude for no other reason that being a witch.  It was one of those rare instances when consciousness altered, and my heart was brimming with thankfulness for the path I’ve chosen to take in this life.  It didn’t happen in ritual or at a sacred site but in the kitchen.  I think I was slicing green beans at the time.

And yet, there are days, sometimes weeks, when I haven’t felt completely connected to my spiritual path. I don’t feel witchy enough.

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Goddesses and Gods of Healing

This week I will be posting information on the different Gods and Goddesses of healing from different pantheons. we will start with a general list from I will pick a God and Goddess each day and give your more detailed information about them and some ways to use healing in your practice.

In many magical traditions, healing rituals are performed in tandem with a petition to the god or goddess of the pantheon who is representative of healing and wellness. If you or a loved one is ill or off-kilter, whether emotionally or physically or spiritually, you may want to investigate this list of deities. There are many, from a variety of cultures, who can be called upon in times of need for healing and wellness magic.

To learn more please click on this link: General List Gods and Goddesses of Healing