Crystal spells and grids

Crystal spells

Crystals have long been believed to hold magical powers. Although I don’t believe they were used in folk magic very much they are extremely popular today.  Each crystal has its own unique and individual magical property and that can be tapped into for your spell work.  Whether you just sit and hold a crystal and visualise your desire. Or place crystals around the home or work place to bring positive energy in or take negative energy out, they are extremely useful.   I often place crystals at the base of a candle when I am working with candle magic or add small crystals to medicine pouches and witch bottles.

Crystal Grids

Another favourite of mine is to work with crystal grids, these can be any size you want (also dependent on how many crystals you own) even a small grid of four or five crystals will work well.  I also like to add in feathers, pebbles, shells, herbs and tarot/oracle cards to my crystal grids.

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One thought on “Crystal spells and grids

  1. I found the artical on crystal grid very interesting and very infomative and can not wait to learn more about the differant crystals


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