The chakras are your inner energy centers of power and you can learn how to balance your chakras through meditation, this helps to clear and align the energies in your physical body thus allowing you to receive messages from the universe. The chakras are beams of light energy and can affect your physical and mental health if they are not aligned. Chakra mediation goes back over 4,000 years.

There are seven chakras, the first is the Root Chakra and it is red, the second is the Sacral Plexus and it is orange, the third is the Solar Plexus and it is yellow, the fourth is the Heart and it is green, the fifth is the Throat and it is blue, the sixth is the Brow Chakra and it is purple, the seventh is the Crown Chakra and it is violet. Think of the chakras as pure energy flowing up the spine and spilling out from the center of the head, by making sure the chakras are clear and flowing you immediately help your physical and mental health.

Please continue reading in the link below for clarification of each Chakra.







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