The Three Aettirs of the Elder Futhark Runes

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anglosaxonWhile Cooper refers to the “Elder Futhark”, he uses the names and meanings of the runes of the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc. Traditionally only the first three rune rows (aettir) of the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc are used for divination, although the “extra” runes might be used for magick. Cooper discusses only the these first three rows.

The Aettir In Magick
By D. Jason Cooper

© 1994, D. Jason Cooper, Esoteric Rune Magic, pp. 48-63

There are three aettir (aett is singular, aettir is plural) of the Elder Futhark. This fact has often been mentioned In both occult and academic books on the runes, but no one has bothered to wonder what this division means.

The Enochian alphabet has no similar division; its only internal structure is its alphabetic order and numerology. The Hebrew alphabet has both these divisions and the division between single, double, and mother letters..

Perhaps this is why when…

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