It is Monday, September 10th, Merry Meet & Good Monday To All The WOTC Family.

Witches Of The Craft®

Celtic Cross

Almighty Goddess, Divine Mother of Us All,
We humble ourselves before you this morning
As we pray for one of our beloved family members
and remember his mother, our beloved sister in our
prayers this morning.

God and Goddess
Eternal spirits of universal power
Light Jacob’s way
As he travels his current path to health and wellness
Guide him
On his path to recovery and wholeness once again
Help him
To be strong and focused in spite of difficulty
Send clarity
To his mind, which is often confused at this time
Send harmony
To his spirit, which is now troubled
Send calm assurance
To his heart, grant him courage and bravery
During this traumatic time of his young life
Send assistance
So he might achieve what he cannot do on his own
Send light
To cheer him in the midst of darkness
And help him
To move always in the…

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