Depression & Witchcraft: Healing the Unexpected Shadow

I went into this year knowing that it would be a hard year of witchcraft. I was going into an intensive year of shadow work at the Temple of Witchcraft as well as Sacred Fires tradition. I carry a lot of trauma from my childhood and while I had mentally processed it and rationalized everything, I hadn’t actually emotionally processed anything.

There are a lot of articles on shadow work out there, particularly from those fairly new to their paths, and I am going to be very honest with you: don’t do it until you are ready. You may never be ready in this life, and that is okay as well. When I was at PantheaCon this past year I met a truly amazing person who had lost someone dear to him because they had jumped into this kind of work without having the skill set to carry them through it. Witchcraft has very real consequences and should be treated appropriately.


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