When Maiden Becomes Mother

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When Maiden Becomes Mother

Lammas Traditions from Nebraska to Wales
by Brighid

Once again, we approach the fall rituals of harvest and riches of the Earth Goddess, thankful for Her bounty She bestows on us. Lammas, August 1 (its celebration typically held the night before, July 31), is the time of the first grain harvest, with objects made of grains (wheat, barley, corn and so on – for example, a bundle of corn stalks) being considered very magickal, for they represent the generosity of the Mother.

Lammas is directly contrasted in the wheel of the year to Imbolc. The two holidays represent opposite aspects of the Goddess. At Imbolc She is the Corn Maiden, fresh and new after her winter rest, and at Lammas She is the Corn Mother, the crone with all development and fruitfulness coming to an end. Lammas also involves the Sun King becoming the Dark Lord…

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5 thoughts on “When Maiden Becomes Mother

  1. Hi Lady Beltane, it has been a year of trials and tribulations. My dealing with Sheila Anne’s passing away has been difficult (June 2017-20 years together). I have relocated in the NW to start a new life. I bought a brand new home in a 55 plus community. 😊 That is a summary of what I have been through. Many Blessings to you, Steven

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