Up-date Sunday, December 17th, 2017

Witches Of The Craft®

It is your favorite wicked witch Eleanor with an up-date on Lady A, otherwise now known as the Grizzly Bear. As you know, we were told that Lady A would be getting out of the hospital this weekend. We were mis-informed by the neurologist. The neurologist assured us that she was perfectly fine to go home. The orthopedic specialist said no, she wasn’t. You can imagine how that news went over with Lady A and the rest of us, not good at all. The neurologist should have consulted with the main doctor in charge before he ever gave us false hopes. The orthopedic doctor told us he had done two scans on Lady A’s old fusion. I believe most of you know she has a three-level fusion in her back. Screws, rods, cages, and probably a few things I have forgotten over time. The scans showed she has a fracture…

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