How to see your auras..

Sat Nam dear friends.. 🙏❤️

Here’s a little magick to do–

You need:

•Black or red background

When reading an aura it’s best to have a very dark black or red background. The aura is generally strongest around a person’s head, but if you don’t have another person to try this with, your own hand will work fine.

Pick a point just beyond your hand and let your eye unfocused. Eventually a thin white band will come into view. This is the first layer of the aura. Once you’re able to view the white band, fix your gaze a little ways beyond it. Eventually a (or more) colored band(s) will come into view. This stage is much harder to see. Each color has a meaning.

RED: Energy, strength, courage


DEEP RED: Sensuality

CRIMSON: Loyalty

PINK: Cheerfulness, optimism

ROSE: Self love

ORANGE: Joy, vitality, balance of mental and physical

YELLOW: Wisdom, creativity, spiritual


GREEN: Ingenuity, compassion ,growth

PALE GREEN: Healing power

GRAYISH GREEN: Pessimism, envy

BLUE: Spiritual, idealistic, imaginative, intellectual

GRAYISH BLUE: Melancholy

ICE BLUE: Intellectual

PURPLE: Spiritual power

Stay blessed.. 🙏❤️~ 🌛🌕🌜. Stregga..