The Holy Darkness is Nigh: November & Hekate

Night time is the right time to honor Hekate and no month has more dark hours than November. Well, maybe December might if I was to add it all up, but it seems less dark because of that whole Winter Solstice thing. It’s like Samhain ushers in an underworld vibe that lasts until at least the end of November and Hekatean energy is at an annual high point. And despite all Her other epithets and roles, Our Lady is The Dark Mother beyond any other title or responsibility.

In honor of this high holy month, I’m going to be focusing on aspects of devotion, dealing with personal darkness, and getting a bit into the creepy side of things for the next few weeks. But, first, let’s talk a bit about The Dark Mother and The Holy Darkness.

2 thoughts on “The Holy Darkness is Nigh: November & Hekate

  1. I really like this article on November & Hekate. However what is your opinion on this topic for those of us whom are celebrating Beltane as we live in the Southern Hemisphere? Just wondering as I personally find the energy around Oct. 31st – Nov. 30th To be a really strong time for the veil between the worlds to be thin. Even though our true seasonal Samhain is your Beltane. It’s just something I ponder about at times as most articles, books & blogs tend to be Northern Hemisphere centric,

    I’d be really interested on your take on this topic if you can?

    Blessed Be & Namaste,


    1. I do like your response . I do agree that there are very little information how the southern Hemisphere practices should be in relation to the northern side. I do know that we are six months different. Would you please talk to Lady Beltane to help us on this?

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