A Little about when Lady Beltane was a Novice

I was getting ready to post articles about Imbolc and Lammas but my Spirit Guides had a different idea of what I should post today.

I was asked by one of the Adept witches in our online coven to talk a little about my time as a newbie in a coven and what it was like on up to where I am today. So I will begin this journey of telling about my journey with my novices year and a day. Let me stress that all covens are different in how they treat newcomers and even established members. Some have very strict rules while others have seemingly no rules. So if you are interested in a specific coven make sure it is a good fit for you and how you want to study The Craft and you are a good fit for their group.

My instructors, as I did not consider them being mentors as we had no real personal relationship, were pretty different than how I mentor my novices. I was a novice about 40 years ago and a lot has changed. The coven I was in during the time I was a novice was Wicca not really any well know tradition just WIcca. First, of all, I was not allowed to attend any actual coven gatherings until I had studied for six months. My first six months of studies were basically reading different papers written by the elders in the coven and books they told me to read than doing written assignments for each thing I read. There were specific questions that pertained exactly to the papers or books I read and I had to basically do book reports for some of them. I was discouraged from reading anything that was not assigned reading. Secondly, my written assignments ranged from how to set up an altar to how to commune with animals (something I am still working on achieving today). I wrote nothing about spells, rituals or how to write and perform them, this was considered too advanced for a novice. I only had access to the oldest members of the coven one evening per week to call if I had a question about what I was working on that week. This made it very difficult at times for my studies to progress as fast as the coven or I would have liked. When I was finally allowed to attend coven gatherings I was not allowed to speak to anyone before the ritual started or during it. I was allowed to mingle with coven members after the ritual but not to ask questions about my studies unless I could get one of the elders aside where no one else could hear us. It was an extremely stressful year and a day for me to the point of me seriously thinking I was on the wrong spiritual and magickal path. I did make it through their novice training but when it came time to be brought into the coven as an adept I chose to try a different coven in a totally different town as I did not really want to run into any of the first coven’s members.

Please keep in mind my experiences were about 40 years ago and every coven is different in how it brings new members into it.Next time I will talk a little about my Adept year and a day which was much more pleasant than the novice level. Not just because I knew more but because the coven was a lot more welcoming and caring.

Until then dear ones try to bring something magickal into your life every day thank will bring you happiness or joy or love or caring or comfort or whatever you need that day. Much love and many blessings from me to you my dear ones.

12 thoughts on “A Little about when Lady Beltane was a Novice

  1. Lady Beltane, Thank you for sharing your experience. Sounds like a very strict atmosphere which is not conducive to learning. I do like your method much better and it gives me a new perspective.

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  2. Your novice training has been amazing to me. I am sorry that your novice training was so strict, but we all go through things for a reason. Maybe seeing they way they taught influenced the way you teach, even if just in the slightest.

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  3. Incredible how our path shapes our entire existence, the people we meet the choices we make and the people we become. You have become an incredible gift of knowledge to many and I hope you continue. Blessings to you Lady Beltane and merry part.
    Hypatia of Alexandrea.

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    1. Thank you! I intend to continue for as long as I am physically and mentally capable to. It is my hope that some of the young witches I mentor will in time mentor novices also. If someone even wants to become a priestess I will help them attain that goal.


  4. WOW!I thought my year and a day was tough, I studied under a Wiccan Coven, we studied from the Witches Bible, my Lady, was rigid and strict, but showed me much love, she was always available, we were allowed to go and join in on Circles, so we could learn how they were ran, the Elders and my Lord, were always up for discussions , and questions.We were encouraged to work easy spells, and were provided with easier candle spells to start. There were specialized classess, where we would focus on a candle flame, and learn to concentrate for meditation, soon I didn’t need the flame I could see it in my minds eye, and get to the state of mind I needed to be in….what I didn’t like about being in the Coven, when the time came, was the politics, so I didn’t join the Coven, but my Lady always welcomed me, and invited me to lectures, and Circle, and was always available to me…it’s now been 25 years and My Lady recently passed into the Summerlands, I miss her ,but feel I made the right decision for me, to remain Solitary….

    Over the years I’ve mentored others, and have shared the knowledge provided to me by My Lady, and have always tried to represent her teachings with honor, I’ve added my own twist of teaching Love and Light, along with kindness.
    I enjoy reading your words, and enjoyed your share of your early days, keep up your good works, we need more Mentors who teach with and from their hearts…..

    In Love and Light,

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  5. Merry Meet-
    Thank you Lady Beltane for describing your experiences as a novice. For students of the craft, sharing your memories is mentoring in itself.
    Perhaps things are different now, as you have stated, and one of the things I like about paganism is that there is so much to explore. I love this freedom. However I also like structure, so for me, what I am learning through Coven Life and my own readings is a wonderful, and uplifting combination that had added so much to my life.
    Thank you for sharing and for all you do to keep the Coven going!

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  6. Merry meet Luna,
    I cannot speak for others that mentor people of The Craft but when I started mentoring I decided to have an open relationship with my students and to expose them to more than one pagan path and the different pantheon of gods and goddesses. I am happy you feel so comfortable within Coven Life’s school and coven.
    Blessed be
    Lady Beltane


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