A New Beginning

I have talked many times about having balance in your life on here and I am going to do so again.

My life was very out of balance after losing my mother in 2015 and I thought I was carrying on all my duties as a High Priestess, mentor, wife, mother, and grandmother. But I was not, I was not even doing my duty to myself of keeping in balance, in my power or really any other area of my life within myself. I am very happy to say this is mostly behind me. I took an intensive seven-day training course entitled “Higher Level Human Training” done by a close friend and wonderful mentor and guide Chrystal Kubis. It helped me to shed my fears and still working on but shedding my grief enough so I can really function again in the world I live in, part of which includes you dear ones.

One of the lasts posts I put up before my sabbatical was to ask what you would like to know more about and/or see more of on Coven Life. The one answer I got was more information about Dragons, which I will do a post on tomorrow. So I ask again “What is it that you would like to know more about or what kind of posts would you like to see on Coven Life?” This is a website designed to help teach and guide Pagans and Witches at any level you may be in your studies of The Craft. It gives me a chance to learn new things by doing research to help you.

Check out Chrystal’s website and/or her videos on youtube.com for some very enlightening views and tools to help you reach your full potential.