Tess Winehurst: 4 Secrets to Trusting Your Magic


SunRay Sorceress here Sisters and Brothers.

Let’s be real..

I have neglected my Magickal self, or thought I had because I haven’t been doing what has been considered by many as magickal, an example is, touching my stones or feathers, raising energy or meditating and reading my Witchy books. So in fact I have been accusing my self of not walking the Magickal path. When in fact that was just an elusion, simply touching Nature and appreciating all that is around you Is being Magickal❤ Keep on keeping on.

Check out the link for some practical Magick.

Brightest Blessings,

SunRay Sorceress

6 thoughts on “Tess Winehurst: 4 Secrets to Trusting Your Magic

  1. Hi SunRay, I love what you have said. Within a book I saw on Amazon, Mother Earth, I saw a letter to our dear President by a Native American Chief of Seattle. He was saying to him that our land is of value in Nature, The sky you may not take away, The air that we breathe, You can not buy. If you want the book, I can find out the title for you. Have a wonderful Turkey Day! Ocean Star.

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  2. Hi SunRay, Amazon carriers the paper back. Dated May 10, 1990, Mother Earth Spirituality by Ed McGAA, Eagle Man. Rest of the Title is, Native American Paths to Healing Ourselves and Our World. Enjoy! With Love and Light, Ocean Star (Steven).

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  3. Sun Ray you are so right. We often misinterpret what magic is by being confused with others expectations. Do what feels right, what brings your spirit alive. People get confused with the true meaning of magic. Think of magic as a philosophy of life. A life long search that is within as even the slightest flicker of light, the movement of a leaf or even an ant can seem like magic.
    My favourite quote by William Blake “to see the earth in a grain of sand and heaven in a flower, hold infinity in your hand and etirnity in an hour”.
    Blesdungs to uou dear Sun Ray.

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