Worry Dolls Cute Talisman for Children

Worry dolls, sometimes called trouble dolls, are miniature dolls made from scraps of colorful woven cloth, yarn, and wee sticks. The dolls generally measure one to two inches from head-to-toe and are used as protective amulets or healing talismans. They originate from Guatemala and are widely available in world markets and on the Internet. You will often find them packaged with 4 or 6 worry dolls tucked inside a cloth drawstring bag or small box along with a slip of paper detailing the folklore story about how the dolls got their name.

The dolls are not meant to be played with as toys, but worry dolls can be given to children to teach them how to express worries and handle anxieties. Fashion-wise, I’ve seen a row of these tiny colorful dolls attached to girls’ barrettes and headbands. Worry dolls can also be purchased in bulk for your art projects.

You can read the rest of this article by clicking on this link: http://healing.about.com/od/sleepdisorders/a/worry-dolls.htm

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