Spain’s Cursed Village of Witches

I ran across this article while on BBC.COM. I found it to be an interesting article about how witches in Spaiin suffered as much if not more so in Spain.

“This tiny village has been excommunicated, and cursed with a spell so powerful that only the Pope can lift it.”

“How does a tiny Spanish village of just 62 souls come to be excommunicated in its entirety and cursed with a spell so strong that only the Pope can lift it?

To find out more about this bizarre story of witchcraft, superstition, revenge, envy and power, I headed to the village of Trasmoz, nested in the foothills of the snow-covered Moncayo mountain range in Aragon. Trasmoz has centuries of witchcraft history, and I’d arranged to meet Lola Ruiz Diaz, a local modern-day witch, to learn the truth. As I waited for her in the freezing-cold hall of the half-ruined 12th-century Trasmoz Castle, perched on a hilltop above the village, I shivered in anticipation.”

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