A Wonderful Experience

To often I close off myself from hearing and/or feeling those who have crossed into the Summerlands. The reason for this is if I do not I hear and/or feel people trying to contact me with messages for people I have never heard of. One of the draw backs to being very sensitive to the spirit relehm. I do try to keep a path open always for my friends and ancestors.

As you might know my mother crossed a couple of weeks ago. She started visiting me this past week when I am awake and also in my dreams. My father has been doing this since he crossed in 1970. Last night as I was walking home from work about 11 PM all of a sudden felt warm, it was only 50 F out, and overwhelmed with love and comfort. I had no idea why until I heard my parents discussing whether or not I needed them escorting me home. My mother said, “I was an adult and the walk was short so I would be fine.” To which my father replied, “I have been doing this for years anytime she’s been walking late at night.” It was such a wonderful feeling knowing my father had been watching over me for years and now my mother is doing the same. It has helped me not miss them both as much as I have been. I feel privileged two have such caring and devoted parents to still keep me safe and guide me.

This is the first morning I did not feel like crying because their journeys for this lifetime had ended. I know I will see them someday in the Summerlands along with my eight siblings that all crossed during or before I got to meet them during this lifetime.

When a lifetime ends it can be a time to grieve their passing but it it also a time to rejoice that we knew the person and the pleasant times you had with them.

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